Failure to be (A Story)

I knew when I first laid eyes on you that we were destined to fail at love.

You looked at me. My eyes pierced back at you like ice. Your face lit up in a way that I could tell it had been a long time when there was a glimpse of hope in your life. You flicker a wry smile. I let out a nod. My heart was heavily guarded.

After several minutes of us looking away and then glancing awkwardly back at one another, you make your way over to me. The house was crammed with people. Maxine, in my opinion, went a bit overboard with inviting people from her school, church, family, and no doubt random strangers on the street.

“Hi.” you say with a flirtatious smile
I half smile back and mumble, “Hello.”
“I’m Logan. So are you a friend of Max’s?”
“I guess. I know her through church events.”
“Oh?” he sounds surprised, “What church do you go to?”
“The one in Briggs.” I reply coolly, trying not to appear eager to finally be talking to someone.
“Oh cool. So with Pastor Hern then? I go to the one in Allburg.”

I thought our chit chat would eventually turn awkward, because we would eventually have to run out of something to say. But a few hours went by, and our chit chat turned into a conversation about school, church, and even a small debate about which fast food restaurant was the best. It was time to leave and go our separate ways. I craved for just a few more hours of this perfect conversation, but was too afraid to ask for his number or if I could add him on Facebook.

“Well. I need to get going.” I muster out as I stand up.
“You have yet to tell me your name.” He stays seated gazing up at me. He has such a sleekness about him. Like he’s had so much practice talking to other girls. And as much as I enjoyed the time we shared, I felt like I was taped with bubble wrap coated with awkwardness. Every time I moved, I felt a little bubble burst that caused me to excrete great excitement, but I felt like I had to contain myself so I wouldn’t seem like an oddball.
I smile, how could I forget? “Anna. I gotta…go.”

I could feel my face burn with embarrassment as I turned to leave. I felt his eyes on me the entire time I was walking towards the door. And even when I gently pulled it shut behind me, I knew that he was still looking towards the door, wishing I was still in front of him.

It would be three weeks before I would log onto Facebook and see a friend request from “Logan Andrews.” My stomach did a somersault when I pressed “Accept.”


Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

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