A Hero is a Hero

How does one define a hero?
With a suit?
Super strength?
Wild flying abilities?
A cape? (No, “The Incredibles” taught us that capes are destructive to one’s life)

In comic books the hero is always the person dressed in a costume that saves everyone from day-to-day evil. Arrow saved people, they even made a modern day television series on it. Bruce Wayne made black look good. The chest bearing “S,” Clark Kent is one of the oldest superheroes.

So back to the first question. How does one define a hero? Every person has a definition the differs from the next. Many people consider Robin Williams a hero. And in recent months there has been a big debate as to whether the acts of Caitlyn Jenner have been courageous or not. Now, I’m not stating that either one was or is a hero, nor am I proclaiming that they aren’t, because that’s not up to me to decide. The point I’m trying to get across is that the word “hero” is applied differently for every person.

[I found this article of interest,written by Illuminating Truth “Bruce Jenner is Not a Hero”]

My hero as a child, and still today, is my mom. Working two jobs and raising two kids practically on her own was definitely not an easy task. I have other folks I  consider a hero as well, maybe not my personal hero, but non-the-less they still deserve the gold.

A hero is usually someone who is “admired” or “idealized” for courageous acts, having “outstanding achievements” and “noble qualities” (dictionary). There are different heroes in this world. Caitlyn Jenner is hailed as a hero; based on the dictionary definition, she is considered heroic because of his/her courage for taking a step as the “woman she was destined to be.” Chris Kyle was awarded as a hero for what he did as a Navy Seal, and for what he did after his military days; his life was taken from him at the young age of 38.

If anyone dared to speak against these two people, two human beings that were created and brought into this world just like you and me, that person would be shunned. If I were to write a Facebook status tomorrow saying, “Bruce Jenner is not a hero, and what he did wasn’t courageous at all.” I probably would have a war not only on my status, but also personal messages would be shot at me like a metal arrow.

Kim Davis, a lady who has been smeared in the mud because of her faith, and staying strong and upholding her beliefs and values. Her act to stand for her faith, despite the majority of the people around her, is very bold. How many people preach what they proclaim to be? We are given free will; we have the freedom to choose what we want. America allows every individual to practice their own personal religion without any consequence of imprisonment or death. Every Muslim is allowed to pray facing towards Mecca. Every Jew has a right to celebrate Hanukkah. Every Christian is allowed to attend church on Sundays. Every atheist is allowed to not believe in God.

The couple could have walked out of the office, and chosen to go to a different place. But they chose to add some fuel to the fire and bring publicity on it. Much like the couple a few months back who chose to sue a baker for choosing not to serve them based on their lifestyle. Kim Davis chose to stand for her belief, and is willing to go to jail. She is willing to fight, despite the persecution. Courageous acts? Hero? How many Christians would so willingly jump on the boat of gay marriage, despite their conflicting beliefs,  to avoid the stones of death? So that they would be accepted as an “alright person.” I’m not stating whether she is a hero or not, because that’s not up to me to decide. I am not saying I hate any specific person for his/her beliefs, or for his/her lifestyle. I don’t hate anyone. Not even those who spit and cast stones as if they sinned not. Because everyone is given free will; he/she has a right to believe or disbelieve whatever his/her heart desires.

But before sharing that meme of Kim Davis saying her hair is bad or her forehead is too big, before commenting about her four failed marriages, or that she is homophobic, consider your personal past. Where would you be if you never stood up for your beliefs. Where would you be if maybe you swam against the current and differed from the majority? Would you be willing to go to jail for it? Would you feel good? Bad? Are you scared to stand for what you believe? Or do you truly speak and act out on what you believe?

“…he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”
John 8:7

Other reads that I thought were interesting.
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Madonna’s gay brother’s intense words about Kim Davis
Pastor Anderson’s opinion on why she is Not  Hero


Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

2 thoughts on “A Hero is a Hero”

  1. If Ms. Davis was willing to resign in protest, and make her case in media etc. I would consider her a hero. But she refused to do the part of her job she objects to, refused to resign the cushy $80k government paper-pushing job her momma had before her, and she acted to intimidate those deputy clerks under her supervision who didn’t agree with her stance. I don’t care about her past, her manner of dress, or what her religious objection is. She broke her promise, her oath to uphold the law, yet she doesn’t have the sense of honor to walk away from a job she refuses to do! Now she’s saying the licenses, which the deputy clerks were finally free to issue, aren’t any good without her name on them. What a piece of work…

    As the judge who put her in jail summarized it, “Oaths matter.”


    1. I certainly appreciate your opinion “Invisible Mikey.” It is interesting that she chose to not resign from her job isn’t it? Especially since in the back of her mind she probably knew that a gay couple would bound to walk in at one point or another. In the second article I linked at the bottom of the article, she did state that she wanted to stay at her job because it was the only way to uphold God’s word. She believe with her whole heart that God’s Word is Truth.
      I don’t know exactly what happened and what words were swapped, but I personally think that this thing could have been handled very differently. Maybe she could have resigned, and maybe that couple could have just walked to a different place and gotten their license that way. This type of thing could be happening elsewhere, but instead of bringing the rest of the nation into it, the couples just chose to go somewhere else. Do I know this as a fact? No…I can only speculate.
      But again, thank you for sharing your opinion! I do like to hear what others have to say, unless they are specifically bashing against me.

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