Four Paws and Two Feet: Running with a Victory in Mind

It was run number two today. It wasn’t terrible, but still, it was breathtaking    literally.

DSCF4709My dog has a habit, that when he sees me slip on a pair of shoes, he will start whining and pacing from me to the door and back to me. Then when I grab his leash, he will divebomb onto me, and nearly knock me over (he is, after all 58.2 pounds). My other two dogs, a big German Shepard and a Five-pound Yorkie, also get very antsy and start whining and getting excited at the prospect of going out. It does break my heart a little when I tell them to go lay down, but running with more than one dog is very difficult*…and they can’t be trusted off leashes (especially Buddy, the German Shepard, he will take off for hours and come back smelling like the pond). Buddy will slump back as if to say, “It’s not fair that Chief can go but I can’t.” The little Yorkie thinks she’s sneaky and will go to the side where she doesn’t think I can’t see her so that she can potentially take off (don’t worry, I make it up to the other dogs, but taking them for a walk on the days I don’t run).

As I managed to get Chief out the door and no other dogs sneaking out, I turned on my phone to the Nike+ app to track my run.

“Ahh, what a wonderful evening for a run.” Chief turns around and does a hop as if to respond, “Will you hurry up! I want to go!”
“Okay okay. Will you keep your tail on.” Yes. I know. I talk to my dog. I’m not the ONLY one, right?

We get to the starting point. Ready? About as ready as I’ll ever be. Set! Ugh…do I even enjoy running? Go! Pace. Breathe. Run. Keep going.

I managed to keep an even pace for about twice the length I did on our first run (woot!). Chief was helping with that since he was pulling me. When I did stop, I let him off the leash. (Chief is the only one that will actually come back when called…as long as no other dogs are by nearby). He immediately set off to sniff out any new scents.

In that moment, as we were out in the fields, it took me back to when I was a teen and I could run this trail nonstop. The entire trail. Granted it’s only about a mile length start-t0-finish. The memories of how I ran or walked these trails and the deer paths through the woods every day. I knew the woods better than my own bedroom. If I wasn’t running or walking, sometimes I could be found reading under my favorite Pine Tree tucked away from any path. More often than not, I’d be running the path with my horse Savory, venting to her about all my troubles with school or work (I talk to animals a lot). If these trails could talk, they would say a lot.

Throughout our adventure, we saw several deer, and heard numerous squirrels chattering and birds chirping. When we neared the end of it all, I realized just how fortunate Chief and I are.

Chief lives a very carefree life: he has food and unconditional love.

Chief gets a lot of unconditional love from both my brother and I: He likes giving it back!

Despite all of his wrongdoings, I can never stay mad at him. His face brightens my day. He has a comfy bed to sleep on, and he is given the necessary vaccinations to keep him healthy. And all he does is rely on me (or my mom) to feed him and take care of him. He probably doesn’t worry about whether he’ll get food in his bowl  or not, or if he’ll get left outside all night.

My life is testing me: I’m a recent college graduate, with no luck in finding a decent job. Not only decent in pay, but decent in allowing me the one day of the week I need off    Sunday. But despite all of this, I have a bed I can sleep on, I have a family that loves me, and I have the companionship of a dog. Sometimes I question why things don’t work out in my favor, but I’m trying to focus on letting God work it out for me. I’m focusing on trying to live carefree life like Chief. Chief has a master that will take care of him, much like I have a God that will take care of me.

We have four paws, two feet, and one mission: strive to be successful in all of our runs by always running with the victory in mind. 


*side note: I wrote a blog about a year ago about running with two dogs. Read: Running Like a Winner


Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

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