Job-ortunity Awaits

Gray Days

The first time I took my driver’s test I failed automatically five minutes in. Of course, I didn’t know I had failed until the very end. My heart sank when I heard the words, “You’ve not passed…” but then it was like my heart was jabbed when she said, “…because you were impeding traffic.” Yes. You heard right. I was going too slow. “You were going 17 miles-an-hour in a twenty-five mile-an-hour zone!”

The second time I took my test, guess what! I failed again, but this time because I was speeding. I’ll skip the long story on that, because honestly it’s not interesting. The guy was very old, didn’t smile, and was very intimidating. Then the third time came around. I was defeated. I didn’t care at this point if I passed or not. And what do you know? I passed. with only 3 points off! “Third times the charm,” I said to my mom all proud of my newest accomplishment.

I say this small tidbit of information to talk about my newest big accomplishment: I finally got a post-graduation job! After three interviews, yes three, of “Oh nice to meet you, Angel. Please tell me about yourself. Why did you want this position?” etcetera etcetera,  I am an employed post-graduate student. It was scary not knowing how long it would be until I found a job that fit exactly what I was looking for: decent paying and allowing me to be off on Sunday. The Sunday thing was the biggest thing for me. Granted, the job is not in my field, and honestly, I could do this job without a college degree, but hopefully *prayers* I’ll find a job within my field in a year or so. But it’s a God-given, prayer-answered, blessing.

The Sky Turned Color

I walked into the big scary building and was greeted with, “Hi. You must be Angelica, or Angel as Margaret tells me you like to be called.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied with a smile.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Tara.” She walked me down a long windy hallway into the work area, asking me some small-talk questions. “She is really nice,” I think to myself.
“Now. We’ll have you watch a little bit as to what this job is all about. Then we’ll conduct your interview.”

So I watched with a lady as to what I would potentially be doing. Interesting. I gaze around the bright, large room. So much noise and chattering going on. I’ve never been in an office type setting before. During my interview, it was just the basic questions I’ve answered before. Then all of a sudden I’m being offered the job. “What? No waiting around to see if I got it? Thank you, Jesus!” I say inside my head (all this internal talking I do probably makes me sound crazy, I can attest I’m not).

I wanted to weep with joy. This reaction might sound ludicrous, but you don’t know how big of a blessing a job is until you’re down to your last dollars. That morning I had just checked my bank account: $21. My gas tank: 1/4 of a tank. Granted I won’t have my first paycheck probably for awhile, but that $21 will be enough until then, God willing. I serve a God who is always faithful. It’s not about “free handouts,” it’s about trusting in Him to provide for me. That same day I went out with a very good, long-term friend of mine, and he refused to let me deny him in putting some gas in my car. He didn’t have to, but I’m very thankful he did. He blesses me more than he realizes, and more than I’ll ever be able to explain to him.

Waiting Out the Storm

Sometimes, it takes more than once to accomplish something big. Look at my driving test and my job situation. I’ve always had a summer job lined up in the past, this was the first summer I chose to not work in food service, and the first summer I had to wait a whole month of being home before I could start working (for those who don’t know, I find it hard to just sit around the house and do nothing). I was fortunate that it took me only three times to get my license, and only 4 times to find the perfect job.

For many folks it can take a lot longer than what it did for me. And not just in finding a job, for other things too: having a baby, buying a car, writing a book, finding a spouse, making the perfect cup of coffee…sometimes it might take 3 times, sometimes 7, and sometimes it might never happen in the way that it “should.” Just because it does take longer for somethings, doesn’t mean that you should give up though. Never give up. On anything. And if it doesn’t work one way, figure out another way to do it. Maybe you’re meant to adopt a child instead of having your own. Maybe you’re not meant to have a new car just yet. Maybe you have to fail a few more times at writing before you can get the knack for it. Maybe you’re called to be single because you’re too independent or you aren’t ready for a spouse at that time in your life. And maybe, just maybe you should try a different brand of coffee (go Dunkin Donuts brand coffee!). Just because something doesn’t happen the first time, doesn’t give you the right to give up! Let me repeat that…for the third time! You cannot give up just because life isn’t going your way the first time. You. Have. To. Keep. Going.

As I go on my third run tomorrow, I pray that it doesn’t kill me. I’m not giving up yet on attempting to get into better shape. And you shouldn’t give up on your trials either, wait out that storm, and when it eases up, get back out on the waters and sail! God Bless you.



Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

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