One Hot Run

It’s hot out. I feel the sun rays creep on the back of my neck as I head for the trail covered in a forested shade. I look at my phone and click on my Nike+ app, and press “start run.” Breathe in. Get ready. “Chief!” And we start our third summer run.

IMG_1915Chief does his usual habits where he runs ahead and sniffs around in the woods before he comes back to the trail to give me that look that says, “Oh c’mon, Pokey” and then he turns around and heads off. “Thanks, you box of cheese” I think to myself (I call my dog random food names sometimes, don’t judge).

As we come to the field, I slow down to a walk, and we can gaze at all of the beauty before us. So many pretty yellow flowers, and long green grass that often tries to trip me. Chief makes a quick pit stop to mark his territory before he trots forward and pounces in the yellow flowers.

I managed to run a total of half mile on the run, not all in one stride. As we came to the halfway point, I stopped to catch my breath, and let Chief sniff around in the woods. I gaze at the two big Oak trees that once held a tree stand years and years ago. It was built before I was born and deteriorated over time until about 5 years ago it completely crumbled; now only the few steps nailed in the tree remain.


Thunder can be heard grumbling in the north as dark gray-blue clouds are swiftly overtaking the blue and sunny skies.

“Storm’s coming in faster than I thought, Chief.” He turns his head to me. I whistle. He comes. I walk the majority of this field because the grass is very tall and thick. And this field is mostly uphill until it reaches a path through a small wooded section and then it comes to the first field (the one where Chief was pouncing in the yellow flowers).

IMG_1944It’s so weird to see dark clouds to the north, and blue skies in the south. But that’s how God made nature. Unpredictable but amazing.

As Chief and I made it back through the first field, and we enter the main trail back to the house, I decide to run nonstop for as long as I could. At this point, we’re both hot, I’m sticky with sweat, and Chief isn’t as energetic as he was in the beginning, but we both have a sweet victory in mind. He usually sticks closer to my side at this point in our run, which makes it my favorite part, because now Chief is going the same pace as me and it doesn’t make me feel that slow. Our breathing is even. His paws matching my feet. When I make it halfway down the path, I come to a stop (yes, again!). Chief slows as well.

It gets me thinking about how we have such a partnership. As Forest Gump said, “We’re like peas and carrots” (yes, ironic I use a Forest Gump quote and not the “Run, Forest, run” one either). But Chief and I are really like peas and carrots. We go together so perfectly, that if there is only one of us it feels a little off balance. We aren’t meant to be without each other   yes he is my best and most precious friend that I could ask for. He listens to me (most of the time), and all I have to do is feed him and give him water and he will love me unconditionally. And he helped through my troubled teen years.

God didn’t just bless me with a dog, he blessed me with a great running partner and a lifelong companion.

We’ve lost some weight…
Chief: 1.8 pounds
Me: 2.3 pounds


Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

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