Dog Home (part 2)

It seemed like it was only a short while later, and mother was startled awake by humans opening her box thing and sticking a wire around her neck again. She let out a yelp as she struggled to get away.

“No use in fighting little lady,” the man with blonde hair and dark eyes hissed. A lady beside him with brown hair pulled back in a pony tail was their watching the man pull on my mother. Once getting my mother out, the lady turned around towards a large building that looked new. The man followed handling my mother as she pulled every way she could.

Inside, the smell of dogs, cats, and urine circled around my mother’s nose. Fear had completely taken over her body. The man dragged mother through a door, and the overwhelming smell and sound of dogs and cats swiveled in the air creating a nauseating effect. Mother was overtaken with the desire to run and lunged back giving a big yank on the man’s arm. He was caught off guard, but nontheless managed to hold onto her.

“Her spot is over here,” a woman’s voice boomed. The man agitated by my mother’s fight pulled furiously and mother went flying forward a bit, and then was shoved through an open wire door. Off came the wire around her neck and snap went the door. She huddled in the corner not sure what to do. She could see another dog through the door across from her that was sitting by the door looking up at the man. His eyes full of sorrow as if he didn’t expect the man to look at him, which the man barely glanced in the dog’s direction. He slicked his hand over his thinning blonde hair that had messed up with the commotion of my mother.

The lady with the brown pony tail spoke in her booming voice, “Thanks, Ryan. I’m glad you were able to find her.”
“No problem,” he grumbled and dragged his feet back through the doors.
The lady turned to mother, “Hello little one? Let’s get you some food.”

And she walked away at a brisk pace, and returned within a few minutes with two bowls. One filled with water and one filled with a warm substance. The lady walked away, and mother barely tasted the food as she scarfed it down. She lapped at the water that tasted much better than the water that collected in puddles on the streets and sidewalks.

“Hello, what do they call you?” mother looked up at the dog across from her. She wasn’t expecting him to talk to her.
“I don’t know…my mother always called me Paws when I was little. Do you think that’s what the humans will call me?”“I do not think so. They call me Sam. I am a black lab. What are you?”
“I think I am a hound of some sort. My mother said she was a beagle and could be traced back to hunting dogs in Ingleland or someplace.”
“Why how many summers have passed in your time?” Sam tilted his head.
“I think a few. Maybe five.” She struggled to remember that far back, everything between the day she was left out to the last few months were only memorable in bits and pieces, “What about you,” she asks curiously.
“Too many to count. I’ve been here since winter.”
“How long will you be here?”
Sam looked down, a deep sorrow glazed over his eyes, “I’m not sure. I haven’t seen many dogs here as long as me. My friend Harry who was in your spot was taken out a couple weeks ago. There is Lacy on the other side of you there she just got here a month ago I think,” mother then realized that the solid metal wall was stopping her from seeing the dog next to her, it felt cold to her nose.
“See a human never came to make Harry theirs so the girl who brought you food took him away and never brought Harry back. I think they send dogs and the cats to another place to live. I don’t know.”

Suddenly my mother was filled with a fear, what if she gets sent to another place to be, she was already afraid of possibly losing Sam, a dog who has been nicer towards her in the last few minutes than any dog since she called the streets her home.

“Well, my bones hurt and I’m tired. I want to sleep a little bit,” Sam stretched himself to a laying position and let out a little squeak as he yawned.

My mother overcome with exhaustion herself, slunk to the back corner of her cage, circled around in the spot, and curled into a little ball. She let out a big sigh before closing her eyes and drifting off to a world of woods, rabbits, and the sun shining through the leaves.


Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

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