Untucked Wings

A forest dark and grim. A young girl shutters as she gasps in between sobs. Her blonde hair hangs in strings from days of neglect. She dared not care for where would she go now? She hesitated, but finally stands up. She looks first southward, where her old, dull, yellow, paint chipped house lies, but turns northward. A dark wind blew from the horizon. She knew not where this path would lead, only that she could no longer bear where she came from. The past was riddled with guilt and doubt. Boldly holding true to herself, she made her first step.

Out of the forest line, she awakens to the shine of a fading orange sun. Heavy and burdened, she made her way out to the plains. She hoped to meet someone there. Someone who could make this all make sense. She blinks her eyes towards the fading sun. Her hopes are scattered in front of her while her heart is cast upon her shoulder. The seams that were stitched together are beginning to crumble and rip. Would she ever trust again? Could she ever trust again?

Her faith makes her strong; the world makes her weary. No longer could she be concerned with the daily passages, for a mission had been taken exposing the frailties in who and what she is. The betrayal was too much to admit. The long lost effort is painful; the passing glances are too much.

Her father’s whiskey stained words echo in her head, but she presses on. Bird wings can be heard fluttering in the long grass in front of her, and for a brief moment a smile flickers across her face, pressing creases in the sides of her mouth. She yearns to fly like a bird and finally be set free. Free from the burdens that never cease from her heart. Free like the un-caged bird.

Falling to her knees she cries out to the blanket of silence that engulfs her. Crying for the love and laughter that had ceased long ago. Her father could never understand. He was, after all, the reason she left in the first place. But now…the deep breath of fresh air liberated her soul. She rises back to her feet.

She feels free at last, as she untucks her wings that were hidden inside of her. Her legs begin to go forward, faster with each step. Faster down the hill she runs. Glorious with arms spread, as if she were to take off at any given moment. And then she came to the bottom. The brief moment of freedom had ended.

She begins up the next hill.


*Though this story is very short, it was co-written with one of my good friends. We were messaging each other back and forth via Facebook, and together we created this story.*


Author: Angellus1325

I'm a little weird. I'm sad I didn't get to take advantage of being a kid in the 90's. But I'm a big believer in Jesus.

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