Soldiers Storm

The field is dressed in purple
with hues of orange that’s burnt,
wind sails from the East
like the waves of the ocean current. 

Soldiers charging in, their white horses
chomping at their bits,
anticipating the thundering storm
and the lightening sky lit. 

Across the field, the trees, they bend
without falling to the ground,
amongst them deer take shelter,
and the birds make no sound. 

Soldiers strive on, prepared for war
as they march in a rhythmic form
Courage overwhelms their hearts,
knowing there’s silence before the storm. 

The Thunder shakes the ground
and they look up towards the sky
the horses snort and prance about
as the rain soaks the ground that’s dry. 


It Ended

The World ends.
Well, my world.

you said goodbye
like it’s a good thing
goodbyes aren’t easy,

i ate my pizza
the entire box
i drank a beer, eight

i watched you,
once alive,
fall apart into crumbles
fall into the clutches of
the World.
and despite that i still tried holding on,
i still grabbed your hand even though
we both were shaking.

it didn’t matter in the end.

because in the end,
you still pulled away
you still yearned for more
that you never allowed me to give.

The World ends.
Well, My world.

She welcomes sleep

She welcomes sleep,
like she welcomes death
after a troubling

Though she closes her eyes
the lights flicker in the back
reminding her
that she’s not alone.
“i forgot to mention…”
the Voice cries
but she wasn’t quick
to forget.
“goodbyes aren’t always forever…
just temporary.”

she welcomed it
just as before
just like the death
she once knew.


I see you walk out of the storm. 
You’re drenched. To the bone. 
But you’re still alive. 
Finally, the clouds that once 
cluttered overhead
been cleared. 

And now,
though I do feel a rope of happiness
connect between us,
I enter those same storms.
Finally, I’m about to take on
what you once did. 
But I’m afraid
I won’t be
as strong
as you were.

We met when she was a Sinner

We met when she was a sinner,
I was far from being a saint.
I like her now, and I liked her then
and she is the one to blame.

my Time was consumed with her
we talked for hours on end,
she held my arm when I was weak
I held hers when she would bend.

Afraid, we both were
to share anything beyond
but we sailed on with our sails out,
waiting for the mid-sealand.

Our sails ripped,
some boards had torn
but still she stayed with me
“through Shipwreck” she had sworn

though we were stranded on the island, so desolate
our bonds were starting to get weak.
There came to us a greater light
which we came to greatly seek,

it offered us a safer haven
it provided us much peace
it gave us a newfound strength,
and all our fears we did release.

We met when I was a sinner,
she was far from being a saint.
I love her now, just like then
and she is the one the blame.

Running Home

thump. thump. thump.
my heart beats
my feet follow.

it’s like i am
against time itself.
my legs hurt
almost there.

thoughts overcloud my mind
it makes me run a bit harder.
my Heart yearns for peace
but my legs won’t let me stop

my dog runs besides me
his breaths matching mine
the road makes a curve,
but this is my turning point.
I need to go Home.

A Dark Night

It’s dark out.
The breeze brushes my face
with fingers drenched in chills
I let out huffs of shivers.

“How did I wind up here?”
I question myself.
My baggy grey sweatshirt
(that read ‘Army’)
was not enough to sustain my body’s

I wonder where you are—
my Prince Charming.
Why aren’t you here to rescue me?
Rescue me from my regrets and fears.
Rescue me from my mistakes.

The oak tree I’ve taken shelter under seems to be
But it isn’t
It’s only the crisp air wrapping around me,
peeling away my clothes.

Pitch black is around me.

My breath becomes slower, pacing…
I’m aware that I’m the center of one’s eye.
It’s watching me, letting out snuffs of anger—and fear.
Stalking and preying on the less fortunate.

I wrap my arms around my legs
and tuck myself into a ball.
Trying to keep the hands of grey steel out.

The darkness engulfs me whole…