One Journey, Many Blogs

Ever since I went off to college, I discovered a new passion about myself. I love writing

In elementary school, I was the worst writer in school-probably because I was forced to write about given subjects. In high school I had some classes that sort of helped me realize my passion, but they were “college prep” classes, so I thought actual college classes would be horrid. When I first came to college, it was for Biology, but God had a way of showing me what my talents were. I had to take a writing emphasis class my freshman year of college—and it changed my perspective. I realized that “Hey. I do like writing. I have a knack for this.” So I officially declared myself as an English (emphasis in Literature) major. It included a lot of writing and reading. And I loved every stressful moment of it. 
Now I can use my talents to serve Him. God has a way of putting me on the right track, but me being the wandering sheep I am, I got off that track….several times. But He never failed in calling me back. It’s like when one get’s off topic in writing, but then has to snap back to the main focus…that’s how my relationship with God is like. I gotta stay focused.

My journey has been steep and rocky. It took me a long time to get to where I am now, and I’m probably only a third of the way there. It’s like when I climbed Bear Butte in South Dakota. That was quite the journey…but that’s another story…

As I write some of these short stories, poems, or essays I take on a new role, a new character. For the few whom know me, some of the things I write about “me” doing, seem out of the ordinary, and bad. I have to think about the character I am trying to portray.

I promise, almost all of my poems and short stories are completely fictional. Many of my essays I will publish are ones I wrote for college classes     many of the experiences I write first hand in those are mostly true. There are also several instances where I am writing my inner thoughts and ‘barfing’ (I hate using that term, but it best describes essentially what I’m doing) them onto this blog.


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